Research social conflicts caused by global and local demographics in the 21st century, and solve cultural clashes and well-being issues in Eastern Eurasia


Objective: Study social conflicts caused by global/local population dynamics in the 21st century and solve problems of culture clash and wellbeing in East Eurasia

The Kobe University Base of East Eurasian Studies Project(EES Kobe) was established as one of the four projects “Global Mediterranean Studies”, “Indian Ocean Rim Studies”, “Maritime Asia and Oceania Studies”, and “East Eurasia Studies”, which were planned as a network-type core research project “Promoting Area Studies” by the National Institutes for the Humanities.

The EES Kobe will conduct comprehensive and integrated research on social change in East Eurasia, particularly in East Asian societies. We study various phenomena affecting the region from within and outside, with a focus on the issue of “declining birthrates, aging populations, and their conflicts”.


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  • NIHU Global Area Studies Program East Eurasian Studies Project
  • “East Eurasian Studies” Center for Northeast Asian Studies Tohoku University
  • “East Eurasian Studies” Slavic Eurasian Research Centre, Hokkaido University
  • National Institutes for the Humanities National Museum of Ethnology
  • http://Research Institute for Promoting Intercultural Studies, Kobe University


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